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Apex Trader Funding Coupon - Up to 90% Off Apex

This is the max Apex discount available now! Details below

ATF promo code: RAGVSGRE - Last used successfully May 102024. Ends 05/30/24 4:59 PM 

  • 80% OFF First Month
  • 80% OFF Lifetime of the subscription
  • Buy Unlimited Evaluations With This Deal
  • Ends 05/30/24 4:59 PM

Copy the code below to enter at checkout:



** Unlimited use: To buy multiple trading evaluations, see instructions below. You must do a separate transaction for each new account on the same login.

screenshot of how to purchase multiple accounts with apex trader funding discounts

As shown as the image above, on the order confirmation page, to order more evaluations:

  1. Click on Tradovate on Rithmic in the menu (whichever data platform you want to use) and pick the account size to place another order.
  2. You must do this for each separate evaluation you want to purchase. Don't forget to use coupon code RAGVSGRE for each one to get the max Apex Trader Funding discount.
  3. You can have as many Apex evaluations at one time as you want. You can only have 20 PA accounts with them at one time.

The 80% LIFETIME discount applies to the rest of your monthly subscription. So ALL RENEWALS on the trading evaluations purchased with this coupon will be at 80% off.

To get the discount, use the code and link below:

Apex Trader Funding Coupon Code:



  1. Copy the code by clicking "Copy" button. This is better and easier than trying to highlight and copy
  2. Click the link below the code.
  3. At checkout, enter the code in the coupon field by pasting, use one of these two options:
    1. Keyboard (CTRL + V) 
    2. Mouse right click + click "paste"

Apex Trader Funding Discount: What is it for?

This discount applies to purchases of new trading evaluation accounts, and later renewals on accounts purchased with this coupon. You may purchase as many new evaluations as you wish with this code.

It doesn't apply to purchases of professional account fees or resets. 

What is Apex Trader Funding and Why do I Need This Coupon Code?

Apex trader funding is an online prop firm. That means they provide capital for traders to trade with. They do this using trading evaluations, where you trade in a simulated environment.

If you follow the rules and reach your profit goal, you can qualify for a PA (Pro Account) where you can get 90% of your profits in real money. 

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