No-Drawdown Showdown: The Best Static Prop Firm Programs You Can Start Today

Last updated May 27, 2024

Choosing a prop firm account that meets your unique trading style and aspirations can often be a game of guesswork. Looking at prop firm reviews or a list of the best prop firms can help. But what if you want to get more specific?

Trading styles vary, and knowing yours is important to make sure you're choosing not just the best prop trading firm, but the best specific account.

And that brings us to one of the biggest decisions you have to make: What kind of drawdown you want? Do you want an account with a trailing drawdown, or a static drawdown? The answer to this question can change a lot.

This list is for those who prefer a prop trading evaluation with a static drawdown. If you're a trader who values the stability of a static drawdown, I have the perfect lineup for you. Let's dive in.

1. $200K Static Account from BluSky Trading Company


BluSky Trading Company earns the number 2 spot with their $200k static account, with a generous 40% consistency rule and only 3 minimum trading days.

And, their risk ratio (profit-target-to-loss-limit) is 3:2, which you'll see is better than the others below. 

More benefits of the BluSky static accounts:

  • No daily loss limit
  • No setup fee for their Earning (BluLive) accounts.
  • Risk ratio in BluLive account is 3:2, with payout at goal.
  • Next step is brokerage, with a $3,000 balance and $2700 static drawdown.

You can always find the best BluSky Trading discount here.

2. The Freedom Program - $30K Static Account Uprofit

Though smaller than the $150K freedom program, this one still gives you a 3:2 profit-target to loss-limit ratio. 

Account features:

  • $1,500 profit target
  • $1,000 max loss
  • No daily loss limit
  • 2 contracts max (x10 for micros)
  • 5 minimum trading days

Visit uprofit here to get a discount off the normal price of $196/mo.

3. $150K Static Account from Elite Trader Funding

Elite Trader Funding offers a $150K Static Account which, like the others on this list, boasts of no trailing drawdown. This account requires a minimum of 5 trading days, comes with a maximum drawdown of $1,250, and sets a profit target of $4,000. The cherry on top? You get to keep 90% of your profits.

So, if a 90% split is a top priority, and you don't mind the less favorable ratio of profit target to loss limit (3.2 : 1), this could be a good option for you.

Elite Trader Funding allows you to have up to 20 accounts, which can help you spread out your risk or trade multiple strategies simultaneously.

5. $100K Static Account from Apex

Apex's $100K Static Account offers the comfort of no trailing drawdown with a starting capital of $100,000. The contract limit is set at 2 (or 20 micros), and the total drawdown is limited to $625. This account requires you to reach a profit goal of $2,000.

Apex Trader Funding also allows traders to have up to 20 accounts. For more on Apex, read the Apex review.

5. $150K Freedom Account from UProfit.

Currently Unavailable! This was #1, but it appears it will not be available again. I've kept it, just for the record, but at the bottom of the list.

The kingpin of this listUProfit's $150K Freedom Account, comes with a $5,000 loss limit, which is four times the size of the loss limit for the runner-up ($1,250).

Even better, it comes with a $7,500 profit target, which gives it a 3:2 ratio! This favorable ratio (profit target : loss limit) makes it a great option for serious traders. The account offers a maximum contract limit of 8 e-minis or 60 micro e-minis, so you have plenty of contracts to make your goals.

It has a very forgiving daily loss limit of $2,500, affording you the breathing space you need to maneuver intraday market volatility.

With a minimum trading period of just 5 days, you could be in a funded account with a cushy loss limit in as little as a week.

uprofit also allows you to have unlimited accounts (3 per user ID, multiple user IDs allowed), which you can use to trade different strategies or just spread out your risk.

See the full uprofit review for more on the company.

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