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AS LOW AS $29/MO LIFETIME OFF TopstepX - Click HereLast used successfully June 04 2024. No code needed unless provided below:


This discount on the TopstepX® Trading Combine® applies for each month that the subscription remains active.

How to Take Advantage of the TopstepX®  Promo

1)To get the Topstep®  Discount, go to Then:

2) Like with most sites these days, you'll have to click on the cookie acceptance prompt

screenshot of topstep home page with cookie acceptance prompt

3) Scroll down a little to see the "START MY TRADING COMBINE" button, and click the button.

4) Select your preferred currency, then select your preferred account size.

screenshot of signup page showing the topstep discount for each different trading combine

5) You might be prompted to go through this security (are you a human?) check. Nothing to worry about, just a security feature. Choose your language, click "Begin" and go through the check.

Screenshot of security check on topstep's web site

6) Once you clear the security check, you'll get the signup page. If you already have a login, click the "Login!" link. Otherwise, you'll need to fill out all the fields on the signup form. Be sure to use your real information and best email.

Screenshot of signup form for topstep

7) Phone confirmation. Select your country, then enter your real phone number without parenthesis or dashes, they'll fill those in for you. Then click "Send Verification Code".

My phone number is already verified with them, so I'm not able to show you the code confirmation page, but you just enter the code they texted you and you'll be good to go.

Screenshot of phone number verification in topstep signup process

8) Choose a trading platform to use. I can't recommend Tradovate, I've had too many problems with them in the past. Quantower or NinjaTrader would be a better choice, in my opinion, but it's up to you.

Screenshot of signing up with topstep discount and choosing a trading platform
Screenshot of topstep signup choosing ninjatrader

9) Agree to the Rebill Agreement, enter payment info, and complete the purchase. You can use credit/debit card, or PayPal Checkout.

10) Topstep® will provide you with all the information you need to get setup on your trading platform and connect with your account!

Topstep® Discount: What is it for?

This promo link (and code, if applicable) for Topstep gives you a discount on purchases of new Trading Combine® accounts.

The Trading Combine® is a trading evaluation that gives you the opportunity to qualify for a funded trading account. Funded accounts give you the chance to earn a share of your profits in real money. 

The Trading Combine® works on a subscription basis, so you pay the fee monthly until you either pass or cancel. This discount applies to each of those months. There is no minimum number of months, so if you pass in the first month, you wouldn't need to pay the Combine® fee again.

What is Topstep® and Why Should I Use This Promotion?

Topstep® is an online prop firm, also known as a trader funding company. Topstep® provides trading capital (simulated and live) to traders who qualify. This allows traders to have a shot at trading for real profits without depositing their own trading capital.

Traders qualify for funding by passing the Trading Combine®, which entails following the rules and reaching a profit target.

This structure, with this promotional discount, allows you to potentially access several thousand dollars-worth of trading risk, by only putting up a small fee. Some traders find that to be a good risk-reward, as opposed to putting up several thousand dollars of their own for trading capital.

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