Exciting Updates from Apex Trader Funding: Lower Withdrawals and a Life-Changing Giveaway

Last updated September 9, 2023

Apex Trader Funding, the popular prop trading firm, has made significant updates to its withdrawal policies and is currently offering an incredible giveaway that could change your trading career forever! In this article, we will discuss these exciting changes, reaffirming the value of partnering with Apex Trader Funding in the process.

Lower Minimum Withdrawals

Gone are the days of having to make a $1,000 withdrawal when you'd rather leave some more in there. Apex Trader Funding has now lowered its minimum withdrawal amount to just $500, making it even easier for traders worldwide to access their profits faster.

Let's say you have a $25k account and reach the level where you can take withdrawals ($26,600). Before, you would have had to take $1,000, leaving your balance at $25,600 - only $500 above your drawdown limit. Now you can leave another $500 of cushion in there, withdrawing $500 for a balance of $26,100.

This should help a lot of traders keep their accounts intact while enjoying the reward of a withdrawal.

Massive Giveaway

Apex Trader Funding is taking things up a notch with a colossal giveaway. In this amazing offer, 30 lucky winners will each receive a free $100K PA account, from which they can withdraw profits. The best part? These accounts come with a free lifetime PA license!

But that's not all—there is an extra-special prize for one individual. This fortunate winner will receive not one but TEN $100K PA accounts with the same features.

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Why Choose Apex Trader Funding?

If you've been considering joining the Apex Trader Funding community, now is the perfect time. Here are some reasons why thousands of traders have chosen this platform:

  1. Impressive Success Rates: Apex Trader Funding has paid out over $18 million in compensation to traders since 2022, with an average monthly compensation of over $1.1 million.
  2. Straightforward Trading Evaluations: The evaluation process for obtaining funding is simple, giving you the best chance to succeed without unnecessary rules standing in your way.
  3. Efficient Qualifying Period: You could qualify within as few as seven trading days, making funding a fast and efficient process.
  4. No Worries About Daily Drawdown: With the live trailing threshold, you won't have to be concerned about daily drawdown, and monitoring is easy with rTrader software.
  5. Freedom to Trade: Trade during holidays, news announcements, and up to the max position size without fear of being failed for going over on contracts.
  6. Multiple Account Options: Spread risks and potentially increase profits by holding multiple accounts.

With this much to gain, it's no wonder Apex Trader Funding has been the go-to platform for aspiring traders in over 100 countries.


These recent updates from Apex Trader Funding make it an even more enticing opportunity for traders looking to build a successful career without risking their savings. The lower withdrawal minimum and the fantastic giveaway are just the icing on the cake. Don't miss out on this chance to partner with a trading powerhouse and elevate your trading journey. To take advantage, grab your exclusive Apex discount code. To learn more about Apex Trader Funding and their offerings, see my Apex Trader Funding Review.

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