Why Earn2Trade – This 1 Exclusive Benefit Sets Them Apart

Last updated April 5, 2024

What's the biggest reason to go with Earn2Trade? What sets them apart from all other futures prop firms? What keeps them near the top of my list of top prop firms?

Why Earn2Trade?

I'm not gonna beat around the bush here. There are many reasons, but one stands out with Earn2Trade exclusively:

The $20K fixed drawdown on their $400K Trader Career Path (TCP) level. When you pass the $50k TCP you can pass additional levels getting more capital each time. Keep meeting your goals and following the rules, and you can progress to this $400K level.

screenshot from earn2trade site showing why earn2trade offers the best live account available from online prop firms.

There is no other futures prop firm that provides access to such a generous account. Sure, you have to qualify to and go through a few scaling levels to get there - but if you do that, you'll be paid along the way anyway.

screenshot of the progression ladder of the 50k Trader Career Path which is why earn2trade is one of the best.

And then you get to have a deep-pocketed account with a drawdown threshold that never trails you. This allows you a lot more flexibility to trade and to go through rough patches, etc. without worrying about failing your account.

When I first got started in prop trading on a desk, that was basically what I had. I had a $25K fixed drawdown. Of course I had daily loss limits, but I had $25k to lose before I'd be outta there. I lost about half of it, and I climbed back out of the hole, and the rest is history. It gave me the room to manage risk like a pro, and the rest was up to me.

If you're trading evaluations with confidence that you can pass, I highly recommend working towards this $400K TCP account - which starts with their unique $50K TCP Evaluation. It's the closest thing to a real trading desk you're gonna get in the online trading world. If you want more reasons, check out my earn2trade review.

If that doesn't appeal to you, or you have other priorities, you can check out the other firms on my list of the best prop trading firms.

Daniel Larsen

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