TraderSync Discount

NO CODE NEEDED. Last used successfully May 102024

You can also get 60% off annual plans by completing milestones during your trial. This is the maximum discount currently available. 

What is the Tradersync Discount For?

This discount is good for all Tradersync plans. Tradersync is an online trading journal that helps you learn from your trades so you can grow as a trader.

How Often Does Tradersync Have Discounts?

Tradersync offers discounts for their annual plans several times per year. It occassionally offers discounts on monthly plans as well. Overall the service is a great value even without a deep discount, so I think any discount makes it an outstanding value.

Daniel Larsen

Daniel created to help new and experienced traders level up. He began trading in 2002, and has spent over a decade trading professionally, for prop firms and clients. When he's not at a computer, you can find him on the ocean, in a canyon, or in the mountains.